Become an American Advantage Member Agency

American Advantage Insurance Group represents over 40 carriers and more than $60 million in premium volume. We look to partner with independent agencies to provide increased market access, combined contingencies and the support needed to maximize YOUR revenue while you retain full ownership.

Increase Your Markets
Through American Advantage Insurance Group, we are able to represent more companies by spreading the production requirements.

Increase Your Contingencies
By having all of AAIG’s premium volume combined for the contingencies, the percentages paid by the companies are significantly higher.  With the premium combined, we are also able to absorb larger losses.

Retain Full Ownership of Your Agency
Even though all company contracts are through AAIG’s, the agency is still owned by you with no back-end buyout fees to terminate.

Join our team of Agencies and Get The Advantage. Become a Member today!

At American Advantage, we believe there is strength in numbers. Pooling our agency resources together, we all benefit with the accessibility of more knowledge and resources.  By joining our network of agents, we offer a viable solution for agencies to acquire markets and services through attractive carriers to which you may otherwise not have access to.

There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better.

– Mark Shields